First 12 of 52

A Journey Begins

Earlier this year I made a commitment to myself. To take an image for every week of the year. I tried in the past to do one every day. I failed after 15 days, yes I will admit I failed. This time i corrected, and only challenged myself to a lesser ambitious goal. A goal I can actually achieve.

Project 52

This involves taking one photo for every week of the year. A way to keep the creative muscle flexed. This goal is much more obtainable, works with Family, Work, and life itself. One day i will be able to do a full on 365 project, just not with little ones running around.

The first 12

I have made a compilation of the first 12 images. i have surpassed it but it was an odd number so I chose to show them off in bunches of 12. Plus who wants to read about me blogging about this every week. If you want to follow my project I post it on my Facebook , Flickr, google+


Sick Kids, New Home, Purge Purge Purge

A New Era

So much has gone on in a span of a month that I don't even know where to begin.    Lots of booggie wipes, lack of sleep between all of us,  preparing for the 2015 season, and why not throw in the purchase of our new home.

2015 is starting off with a bang. 

Well sick kids, do I really have to explain what that is like. Lack of sleep, Dr visits, Crying, Tantrums (kids), and at times we feel as if were going to rip our hair out, well Tabitha since I don't have any =p  As the weather gets better we hope the colds go away too. We are so in need of some outdoor play time. Pool/Splash Pad any one!

Meeting lots of Awesome couples

In the past two months we have met with many awesome couples. our 2015 and 2016 season is filling out great. We are extremely grateful for every one wanting to work with us. Wedding Wire is working out great, and we are getting some referral business. I only see things getting even busier in the future. 

Bigger and newer

Well we finally outgrew our home. With Ezra joining our family our cute 2 bedroom starter home just not cutting it anymore. We are moving from our central location to the outskirts in Binbrook. It will be nice to have the space for all of us to grow into, including in house studio space =) Stay tuned for the updates as they come along. We are looking to be in the new house by early 2016. 

I will try my best to keep the blogs on a week to week basis as I have had some people wonder what has happened to them in the past month. I need some one to hold me accountable. Any one want to be an accountability partner?

Wedding Photographers Morning

How do you start your morning?

Today's blog entry is going to a bit different then what I usually post on here. This time of year things tend to be slow (business) I like to try and use this time to gt some good habits going. You can call it new years resolutions. I tend to just call them goals. Right isn't that what it really is. Something you want to achieve?

Morning Ritual.

I will admit I don't get to do this all the time. I would love to, but having a young family it's not cookie cutter. For most men this is the 3 S's, kinda your typical morning for most. But as we know I am not like most men. Yes I do the above but its not my first thing in the morning. This is how I break down my first hour.

  • Glass of water 
  • Meditation
  • Journal
  • Read
  • Exercise 
  • Then the 3 s's (well most days two, I skip the shave)
  • Green Drink

Most people are like Kenny why in the world do you do all that in the morning. How do you get the time for that. To be honest, It's hard and that is the point. Challenge yourself it actually feels good when you do. This takes about 1 1/2 hours in the morning. 

Glass of water

Pretty straight forward, takes about a minute and goes down fast as your body will crave the water after your sleep.


I do about 5 minutes of meditation. I know most think meditation and picture some monk with the legs crossed. Guess again this is quite simple. I have two techniques for my meditation. to be honest It all depends on if there are kids toys everywhere, or we were able to tidy up before we crashed the night before. 

Clean floor method.

Lay on your back, point your feet forward and your arms out. Start by feeling your feet in your mind (i feel my parts by imagining heavy weight on them) then make you way up your legs, pelvis, lower back, chest, fingers, arms, shoulders, neck, face, and finish in between your eyes (your third eye) This is usually 2.5 minutes. the rest of the time I just take notice of my breathe. The whole point of this is to be aware of your body. 

Sitting down method

Sit on a chair, and have your feet touch the floor barefoot. I go right into my breathing meditation. It's ok if your breathing and you tend to wander your mind. It's actually part of the exercise. Realizing that you have drifted from the breathing strengthens your presence of the now. I will do this for 5 minutes.


I like to write in my personal journal. I use a Piccadilly brand book from chapter/indigo. They are around $15 and work well. I write many different things in this. It can be personal, or just some notes to go back to. I enjoy doing this because we type on keyboards and phones so much. Writing has become a lost form. 


I am currently am reading a few books, Jab Jab Jab right hook, the 4 hour chef, Mastery, Money. Yes a few books at the same time. What can I say, I am an information junkie. I still prefer books you can hold, and physically have in your hand. I have some on my Nexus 7 tablet. I find it hard to read on a Tablet, and it does not help me sleep at night. The lighting tends to keep me awake, Defeats the whole purpose of reading to wind down for the night. Does any one else feel the same when reading from a device? 


This consists of Push ups, stretches, and a few other things. I do have a gym set in the basement, but like most people things get in the way of it and you just ignore it. I do have to clean it up so I can hit some weights my body has been craving some structure. I did purchase a 10lb kettle bell the other day for Tabitha, and I to use. I will have to post some form of before and after photo when I decide to take this on a serious note. It's good to keep track so at least you can see the difference. I believe  measuring  makes you want to continue on vs not having anything to measure up against. 

Three S's

Shit, Shave, Shower. Pretty self explanatory. 

Green Drink

I have shared this before on my instagram feed. We like to juice in our house. One of my favorite drinks is a super green drink. 

  • 2 cups of mix spinach and kale
  • 1 cup parsley
  • 2 full carrots 
  • 1 peeled orange
  • 1 apple

This will give you about 600 ml drink. I will be energized from this for about 5 hours. sure beats a energy drink , its wicked healthy for  you. I also take a Omega 3, Vitamin D, and Magnesium. This is my basic formula to stay healthy. 

One Axe Tiffany Falls Ice Climb

Ice Climbing

One great winter sport in Canada happens to be Ice climbing. I happen to bump into a Class  by ONE AXE based out of Elora, Ontario.  Definitely looks like something fun Do if you are in the Hamilton area, or just have the urge to do something different then they usual winter couch surfing. Every one was extremely friendly and they allowed me to take photos of them as they tackled the waterfall.  

tiffany falls
Tiffany Falls Bridge
ONE AXE Tiffany Falls
ONE AXE Tiffany Falls