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It is November 20th 2012. Just about 11 months since I officially registered ShoutStudio, and transformed a hobby into a career. 

I would like to give many thanks to my Wife Tabitha (pictured on the left) for giving me the motivation, inspiration, and belief that my work is well worth sharing with other people. 

In the past 11 months I have landed a few contract's, Taken some night school classes, photographed weddings (which I love doing) and began to put together my model portfolio. I also purchased some studio lighting gear, a new lens, and a pro body DSLR. This all has made me motivated to create a more solid portfolio, and deliver higher quality of work to my customers. 

I look forward to the next year. Plans for bigger, and brighter future with my work. Collaboration with other photographers, new projects, and enjoy taking photos just for fun. Will be glad keep in touch with every one. 

Kenny Pereira,

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