First 12 of 52

A Journey Begins

Earlier this year I made a commitment to myself. To take an image for every week of the year. I tried in the past to do one every day. I failed after 15 days, yes I will admit I failed. This time i corrected, and only challenged myself to a lesser ambitious goal. A goal I can actually achieve.

Project 52

This involves taking one photo for every week of the year. A way to keep the creative muscle flexed. This goal is much more obtainable, works with Family, Work, and life itself. One day i will be able to do a full on 365 project, just not with little ones running around.

The first 12

I have made a compilation of the first 12 images. i have surpassed it but it was an odd number so I chose to show them off in bunches of 12. Plus who wants to read about me blogging about this every week. If you want to follow my project I post it on my Facebook , Flickr, google+