Sick Kids, New Home, Purge Purge Purge

A New Era

So much has gone on in a span of a month that I don't even know where to begin.    Lots of booggie wipes, lack of sleep between all of us,  preparing for the 2015 season, and why not throw in the purchase of our new home.

2015 is starting off with a bang. 

Well sick kids, do I really have to explain what that is like. Lack of sleep, Dr visits, Crying, Tantrums (kids), and at times we feel as if were going to rip our hair out, well Tabitha since I don't have any =p  As the weather gets better we hope the colds go away too. We are so in need of some outdoor play time. Pool/Splash Pad any one!

Meeting lots of Awesome couples

In the past two months we have met with many awesome couples. our 2015 and 2016 season is filling out great. We are extremely grateful for every one wanting to work with us. Wedding Wire is working out great, and we are getting some referral business. I only see things getting even busier in the future. 

Bigger and newer

Well we finally outgrew our home. With Ezra joining our family our cute 2 bedroom starter home just not cutting it anymore. We are moving from our central location to the outskirts in Binbrook. It will be nice to have the space for all of us to grow into, including in house studio space =) Stay tuned for the updates as they come along. We are looking to be in the new house by early 2016. 

I will try my best to keep the blogs on a week to week basis as I have had some people wonder what has happened to them in the past month. I need some one to hold me accountable. Any one want to be an accountability partner?

What a year

2013 a great year!

This year has had many surprises, and great things. We had a new addition to the family in late November of 2012. This has occupied most of our time. I would not have had it any other way. My wife (Tabitha)  Has documented her every single day. Expected especially coming from a family of photographers. 

We have been busy with wedding/engagement bookings and family portraits. The business has taken off. I have to thank my Wife Tabitha for all the help. I couldn't have done it with out you.


New Logo, and pricing.


We started off our Christmas season with a massive discount promotion. Thank you to every one who booked with us. we had an awesome time with all the families. We redesigned  our logo to go along with our new brand. It was time to get rid of the first logo. I really was not to much of a fan of it either. The new pricing is going to be completed during the holiday season. We plan on placing a  good better best model for now on the weddings. out engagement and family sessions we plan on a few with a la carte system. 


Thank you every one for such a great year. Can't wait for 2014. Happy Holidays. 

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