Family Fun

Today session was a bit different then what I tend to photograph. I had a family member ask if I would be willing to photograph her family portraits. I usually leave these up to the wife, she loves working with the kids, talking to every one, and just having a good old time. This time was an exception, we recently had our first child, and my wife was not up to it.

I set up this session as I do for pretty much every other regular shoot. Camera gear laid out and all charged, memory cards cleared, backdrop and lighting gear all set up. List of family members from youngest to oldest.  I discovered from experience, get the youngest done first. They usually have a short attention span, high energy, and become easily distracted. 

I had also chose to use a new piece of lighting gear, yes it was risky to try out for a photo shoot, but we had purchased it for this exact style of shoot. (behind the scenes at bottom of post) I took a few test shots and loved the results I was getting. On with the shoot.

Gear/Tech Heads

This is the behind the scene photo I had mentioned earlier


  • Olympus E-3
  • 12-60 mm f/2.8-4
  • Einstein 640 
  • 86" soft silver PLM umbrella w/sock

I set up the camera at ISO 100, used f/8 to allow all family members to remain in focus (important for group photos) Light was triggered via remote trigger. Einstein was set at 1/4 power.

The new Item I used was the 86" PLM umbrella. as you see from the image, this thing is big. This is much needed for group photos as the light just wraps around your subjects nicely. We are in love with this new piece of gear at Shout Studio.

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