Welcome Ezra Callaghan-Pereira

 He is here!

  On December 10th 2014 we welcomed our first son Ezra. He is welcomed by his older sister Coraline. Yes our kids have very different names then what you usually hear. Tabitha is a big fan of a T.V, show called pretty little liars, and yes that is the name of one of the characters. I liked it just because it was so unique. 

It has been over a month he as been with us, He is starting to look  like me minus Tabitha's nose and ears. We were afraid that Coraline may not adapt to Ezra joining the family. Boy were we stupid for even thinking that. She loves him to death, so much so we have to watch her to make sure she does not smother him to death with kisses. 

We love our little Ezra (little for the time) and would like to say thank you to every one for understanding our schedule and working with us.

With out further a due our Ezra